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Snoozebaby Wikkeldeken Wrap blanket
With the wrap blankets from Snoozebaby you create a soft and comfortable environment for your baby. Your baby can snoezle and relax in this wrap blanket. The wrap blanket is 110cm x 90cm and has footmuffs, a hood, cut-outs in the back and another nice detail: a cuddle cloth inside. The cut-outs are super handy for putting the belts of a seesaw, car seat or buggy through. Because there is a separate footmuff for each leg, the three-point or five-point closure of a car seat is easy to use. The cuddle cloth has labels that your baby can touch and play with, this gives endless fun and it is good for the fine motor skills and sense of touch. The wrap blanket has even more advantages, so you can wash it well and it protects your car seat. In addition, your baby no longer has to wear a thick coat during transport to and from the car in the winter months, the wrap blanket allows you to tighten the belts, which is safer for your baby. The wrap blanket is also used in the pram tray, so your baby will lie comfortably wrapped in the blanket. The outside of the wrap blanket is made of coral and the inside is made of 100% oekotex cotton, which is nice and soft for the baby's skin. You can use the wrap blanket from birth to about 9 months.

Thanks to the labels, your baby will calm down faster
The wrap blankets are available in different colors so that there is always one that suits your baby. Various labels are attached to the wrap blanket, which will keep your baby entertained for hours. In addition, labels stimulate the fine motor skills and sense of touch of your baby, but it also ensures that your baby calms down faster, according to research. In addition, the fabrics absorb the body odors of mom or dad, which gives your child a safe and familiar feeling.

Easy to order
When you are pregnant or the baby is already there, this wrap blanket really cannot be missed. Simply order it on our site and let your baby enjoy a super soft wrap blanket. When the wrap blanket is in stock, your baby can already dream away in it the next day. If you have any questions about the wrap blanket, you can always contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Washing instructions
The wrap blanket can simply be washed in the washing machine on a short program of 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry or iron the wrap blanket. We recommend checking the labels after every wash.

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